Welcome to Threads of Luv!  A Nearly New Mobile Fashion Boutique.
"Freely Outfitting Kids Growing Beyond Trauma."

A "Creative Awareness" Project
Funded by:
The REMwell Foundation

There are more than half a million disadvantaged children in the foster care system. We aim to ease the ongoing challenge Guardians have in providing for each child’s growing needs. "Threads of Luv"  furnishes LuvPaks and seasonal wardrobes to children who have been brutally beaten, molested, raped or neglected.   These are one of the most fragile and broken hearted members of our community. 

Threads Of Luv, is an innovative mobile clothing boutique for children under the age of seven.  The nearly new fashions provided by this branch of our charity also supports the Creative Awareness Project, "Coloring A Dream" while "Freely outfitting kids who are growing beyond trauma". 

Every year millions of kids in need are displaced, in foster or adoptive care.   In keeping with our two handed approach to every project and program success model,  "Coloring A Dream"  serves disadvantaged children in our community through art and literacy.
We worked hard for many months to convert a travel camper trailer into a kids fashion boutique.  This was successful for 2016, however, it was short lived due to a roof leak and we had to close our mobile camper boutique.  After spending several months trying to determine how to move forward, we decided to remain mobile and are now offering Pop-up-N-Shop (PUNS) parties for these youth.  

Our swap program for the general program is now open quarterly as a PUNS quarterly at announced locations.  For every item we sell to the general public we will be able to afford to gift one away to a child in need.  We are now offering LuvPaks to those who care for displaced children to include foster and adoptive families.  This service is for kids and youth who need to transition with dignity with two travel sized suitcases, the dignified alternative to trash bags. 

Guardians and youth can receive The Guardian Gift Card, permitting them free access to all PUNS Parties and select up to 5 articles of clothes per shop until they have 40 FREE Wears.  Wardrobe collection is twice a year per Guardian or youth, that's 80 FREE Wears per year.  Coats, shoes and formal wears are 50% off for Guardians only.  Need MORE? Collect ONE FREE Wear for each additional purchase.  If you know groups or individuals who would be interested in this service, please let us know.  We can travel on location to service a large group.

S t i l l   I n   S e r v i c e   W h i l e   U n d e r   C o n s t r u c t i o n 

Lots of work has been done to convert a camper into a traveling Fashion Boutique. We await repairs but while we wait ... we work.  PUNS are now in effect and we sure could use some special items to make it even more successful. 

What we still need:

  • Solar Panels to provide cost effective heat and air while processing, swapping/selling and delivering free wears.
  • Travel sized suit cases, totes and backpacks for kids who deserve to transition with dignity.
  • Volunteers and donations


  • A Full Scale Gut Our and Remodel to include a dressing room or a newer travel trailer conversion ready.
  • Popup Tents
  • Hangers
  • Hangers 
  • And More Hangers ;)
  • Storage Bins On Wheels

Over 1,000 Fashions On Board!

N e a r l y   N e w   N a m e   B r a n d   C l o t h i n g 
Donations Welcome ... TWO WAYS TO HELP... For Sale or Swap: Sizes 0-8T 
General Public Sale: Up to 12mos. $1   Over 12mos. 3/$5 
Swap: 2 of your GENTLY USED WEARS for 1 of our NEARLY NEW WEARS    
Supplying & Supplementing All Sizes




We keep a backup of your card on file when you redeem your first 5 FREE Wears. *Guardians:  You will be required upon sign-in to provide proof of guardianship prior or your or your child's making fashion selections. 

Available to come to groups, community centers and day cares... must provide set up space for one week. 

Available to come to groups, group homes, shelters, community centers and day cares.  Must provide setup space for one week of Pop-up-N-Shop.

Now Serving:
DE, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DC and VA
Freely Delivering to those who are serving the needs of Displaced Children, to include Foster & Adoptive Families.

Empowering A Child With The Gift Of Selection, Ownership And Renewable Choices

Girls & Boys Coats, Shoes, Pants, Shorts, PJs, T's, Dresses, Costumes, Hats, Scarfs, Socks and more... the closet is full so give us a call and we'll come to you! :D  302-379-5747

Aging out
of Foster Care?
Have Children?
Our Fashion Coordinators Are Here For YOU!

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