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View pickup, drop off and swap route locations here. CLICK the Title Links on the Calendar date you are interested in to see the information about that title for that particular date OR you can CLICK the link above the Calendar that says (Month | Week | Day | All Events) and view by the day, week or see events.


The Threads of Luv Boutique travels out of state upon request. 

If you are a group or organization seeking the use of our FREE Wears Program, the boutique will come to your location to service your group needs.  Please contact us for size requests and service guidelines.  Youth may board the traveling boutique and use their gift card to select, own and know they made good choices.

If you need a drop off location for donations please see if anyone has posted a drop spot near you and what day(s)/time(s) they made available.  We will pick up within one week of all drop event dates for smaller donations and immediately after for large donations. 

For sale or swap, you may request to be added to the weekly route by contacting us.  We service areas based on need and request only.  Once you've been added to the route your area will appear in the calendar below so that others may make appointments for the same date and area.

To Volunteer for any date, comment on the shcedule post of interest to you and we will be delighted to have you aboard. :D

Aging out of Foster Care? Have a child?

Our Fashion Coordinators Are Here For YOU BOTH!


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