Project Just In Case.
Creating LuvPaks For Kids... Just In Case They Need It.
Personalized Travel Suitcases That Enable Youth To Transition With Dignity

"I remember when I was a foster child how many times I had to move from one place to another.  Ten times not including homelessness to be exact.  Going back and forth is twenty times in transition before the age of ten.   As was conventional with most foster children, I had to move my personal belongings in plastic trash bags.  Those trash bags sent me a very loud and clear message of being unwanted.  Too often I felt like I was being taken out like the trash.  The first time I had a suit case was when I was nearly eleven and finally being adopted.  It made all the difference in the world emotionally.  Time has gone by, 35 years, and children are still transitioning with trash bags.   

I remember a very discouraging experience while working with CASA.  I had to deliver a child's clothing from her father to the transitional shelter where she was housed, following having been removed from his care.  When I arrived, he tossed the trash bags of clothes into the back of my car and said, "There, that's it!"   I said my thanks, ensured him that she would receive her things immediately.  I then proceeded to the transitional shelter.  When I arrived, I opened the bags to be sure that there were only her personal belongings inside.  To my dismay, he had taken scissors to all her clothes.  He cut off all the pant legs, cut the shorts in half and sliced both shirts and underwear.  There was no way I could give her those things.  Instead, with the help of others at CASA, I managed to get all her belongings replaced and explained to her that the clothes had been damaged and asked her to accept the new ones.  Thankfully she did." ~Founder REMilano

Project Just In Case "LuvPaks" helps reduce the emotional hardship that often accompanies the transitioning experience of displaced children.  We can do this by gifting them travel sized suitcases that have been personalized with empowerment messages and creative designs.  After receiving their LuvPaks, Guardians and or displaced youth can come board the Traveling Boutique and replace or replenish their wardrobes with the help and support of a Fashion Coordinator.  This unique service empowers each child with the applicable knowledge that they can afford to be selective, take ownership and make renewable choices even in the midst of extremely challenging circumstances.  These lessons are often lost by the nature of displacement

Every instance in which we can encourage rather than discourage the development of a child's self-worth during transition is a step in a healthier direction.  Gifting them the opportunity of empowerment rather than diminishing personal value with undignified experiences will lay the type of ground work that enables their continued growth and enrichment.  "Let's Save The Trash Bags For Trash Cans, Not Kids".

Every child deserves to transition with dignity. 

Help us save the trash bags for trash cans and create LuvPaks for kids in need... 

Just In Case they need it. 

Donate Creative Design Time or LuvPak Carry-on Suitcases

Two LuvPaks: One Empty and One Complete With Personal Care Items:

  • Kids Hygiene Kit
  • Wash Cloth
  • Towel
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Journey Journal Activity Book with colored pencils and crayons
  • Seasonal Accessories (hat,scarf,glove, umbrella,etc.)

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The average cost for One LuvPak Combo Complete With Personal Care Package Is $40.

Sponsor a LuvPak Combo or gift what you can towards outfitting a child in transition.

Please support us by offering your lightly used clothing and new or retired travel sized suitcases.  Tell your social network circle that you are collecting on our behalf and we will pick them up from your location at an arranged time.

Contact us for more information.

What Most Foster Kids Have For Luggage ...

"Let's Save The
Trash Bags
For Trash Cans,
 Not Kids."

Instead, Let's Create The

 LuvPak Combo


November 24th
Kids over 10 Welcome To Creative Design Day Because There is Nothing Like Kids Helping Kids.

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